Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA.

Art Lewis was the listing agent on a recent sale of our San Diego home. The sale and proceeds of this house were an important component of our retirement plan so I had high hopes and very high expectations for the guidance I would get in preparing this home for sale in the “very active” San Diego real estate market. My wife and I began with a three page listing of work we thought might be needed and how we would approach it. Many months before the house went up for sale, Art responded to our invitation to visit and advise us about each and every one of our “to do” items. The first way he helped was to listen carefully and respectfully to all we had to say about each item. When we were done reviewing our items he addressed each and every item with an informed yes or no, and then made additional suggestions we had not considered. It was immediately evident to us that Art was intuitively clear about how to approach each item. His confidence became our confidence, and we spent the next four months resolving the “to do list” and then reviewing the work with Art by phone, email, and when needed, in person. Every phone call was returned immediately, and every email was answered even more quickly than immediately. Finally, we were ready. We put our faith in Art and it paid off wonderfully and quickly. The home photographed beautifully and within six hours of listing it on the MLS we had an offer, and ultimately a buyer, for more than the asking price. It is my pleasure to tell anyone who will listen what a great realtor and a great person we had in Art Lewis.

AllisonMorgan December 31, 2017