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Columbia | Downtown San Diego

welcome to Columbia

Columbia’s desirable location is home to a tailored and sophisticated enclave of museums, residential opportunities, and an exceptional waterfront. Along with Horton Plaza and the Core, the Columbia District was specifically designed to house the highest level of commercial, residential and governmental developments. Major renovations are in the works to enhance the natural beauty of the bay and add pedestrian parks and boardwalks. The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art is located here, as well as the Federal and County Courthouses. Many diverse condominiums offer residents with a variety of living options.

the neighbors

Established Business Professionals and People Looking for a Less Chaotic Life Downtown.

the lifestyle

9-5 Weekday Hustle and Bustle, but Easy Going Evenings and Weekends.

what to expect

High Rises With Great Bay Views.

what not to expect

Party Central.

the market

Newly Constructed High Rises Within The Last 16-13 Years.

You'll Fall in Love With

Panoramic Skyline and Bay Views and Under the Radar appeal.

public transit depot bay views business district commercial walker’s paradise high rises

Columbia developments

glimpse of life in Columbia