Sold a Condo home in 2018 for approximately $375K in East Village, San Diego, CA.

I was the seller of a condo property in Downtown San Diego. My relationship with Art evolved over a period of several years and was sparked by Art’s prospecting call to me inquiring about my interest in selling. When the time was right, I called Art and, as I expected, he delivered. We executed a Listing Agreement and closed on the sale six months later. To say Art is a professional — although true — kind of misses the key point: Art is a partner in the sales process. We worked through a few very routine issues and, at each step in the process, I felt like we were collaborating on the issue and the resolution of it. Although I have experience in real estate transactions, I still appreciated Art’s sense of the best course of action and his perseverance in seeing things through to completion and guiding me through the local transaction customs. Ultimately, we successfully sold the property on the timeline that was important to me. If you’re looking for a high integrity real estate partner, you just found him. PJ

GlennH123 August 8, 2018