Sold a Apartment home in 2018 in Marina, San Diego, CA.

I listed with these folks because of the detailed knowledge of both the market and the activities in the area that a potential buyer or out-of-area buyer’s agent might have. I was selling a high end property and wanted the right people and knowledge to handle this limited market segment.
Not only did this work out very well but the attention to every showing, both with Newman agents and other agents, was always followed by thanks and compliments from the potential buyers agents. When the right buyer did appear the team handled important details with precision. Caroline’s detailed followups with the listing, showings and offer coordination were right on the spot. Greg handled the sensitive negotiations with finesse that kept things on an always positive track. Laura’s tracking all the in-escrow paperwork that can be overwhelming — it all flowed like a finely tuned machine.

tntsocal May 21, 2018