Never missed a single detail.

““I am writing to bring your attention to the outstanding service I received from Jennifer Holba during my recent transactions with Neumann & Neumann.  I originally met Jen when looking at a property on Vancouver Street in North Park.  Scott was supposed to meet me there, but there was a problem getting out of downtown San Diego during ComicCon, so Jen met me there the next day.  Looking back, I’m thrilled it was her that came to meet me.  I liked Jen right away and knew I could work with her.  We talked a little bit that day about what I was looking for, but I was about to go on vacation for 11 days in Italy.  She set up the email notifications for me in my target neighborhood and the plan was that if I saw anything I was interested in, I’d call her.  Otherwise, we’d hit the ground running when I got back from vacation.  I found the Angeleno house on Zillow and texted Jen asking if we could go look at it.  I felt immediately connected to the house and wanted to make an offer.  At that point I had not yet listed my condo for sale and my trip to Italy was less than 2 weeks out.

We submitted the offer on the Angeleno house just days before I signed the contract with Scott to sell my Calle Cristobal condo.  The Angeleno inspection revealed a lot of work to be done and this was all communicated to me the day before I left for Italy.  I was freaked out about how many things were noted on the inspection that needed to be fixed and was nervous about having just listed my condo for sale if the house I wanted was not livable.  You, Caroline and Jen all helped me through that – thank you!

But Jen stayed with me throughout the entire process.  While I was away, she arranged for contractors to come to the Angeleno house and provide estimates for the work that needed to be done.  The seller’s Agent on that property wasn’t providing the same leverl of service thatJen was, so Jen picked up the slack there.  On the Calle Cristobal property we hoped for multiple offers, so Jen arranged fro an Open House there while I was out of town, and even went so far as to straighten the place up and clean the litterbox that morning.  During all this time I was in Italy and we stayed in touch via email and What’sApp – she downloaded it on her phone so we could stay in touch while I was out of the country.  As we got closer to our close date I realized how much she was doing for me AND she was also picking up slack where the buyer’s agent on Calle Cristobal AND the seller’s agent on Angeleno were lacking.

This is a lot of detail, but I remember it all so vividly – everything she did that helped the process go so smoothly.  She was in touch with me, the loan officer, and both escrow agents.  She never missed a single detail.  And in the end when my move date got pushed up I lost my cleaning service appointment and she was able to take care of that for me as well.  She recommended the moving company too.  Jen never missed a detail, never dropped a ball anywhere, and picked up where others in the process were lacking.  What could have been a very stressful process for me just wasn’t.  she is a powerhouse of a worker and she’s always smiling a positive and encouraging.  She says “It’s not work when you love what you do.”

I know, without a doubt, that I could not have done this without her.  I can’t say enough good things about her and I hope you know what a gem you have in her.  Trust me when I tell you I will EMPHATICALLY recommend her to anyone I know who is looking to buy a home in San Diego.

Thank you so much for having such a great team, and especially Jen!”

-Diane P., Buyer & Seller November 10, 2015