Counseled us against our inclination to over pay…

“I think we know Art pretty well.  He is the ultimate professional who will always have your best interests in mind through the buying or selling process.  Our recent purchase was our 3rd real estate transaction with him.  We first bought a condo in University Heights as a 2nd home and commuted between Valencia and San Diego for family events and visits.  When we outgrew the condo and wanted something larger, we sold it thru Art also.  With the nice profit from the condo sale, we planned to buy a small 2nd home.  Over time, that plan morphed into a full blown move to a single family home in the Talmadge area.  We couldn’t be happier with our decision.

With all our indecisiveness along the way, I can’t begin to guess how many locations Art showed us.  I once asked if we had set some sort of record for the number of showings without a sale, and Art with a smile on his face, reluctantly admitted that while not a record, we were probably somewhere in his top  5.  On several occasions, with San Diego’s fast moving market, we found ourselves in situations with multiple offers on a property.  Art counseled us against our inclination to over pay and assured us that the right house at the right price was out there, which of course it was.

I think it has already been said, but I’ll say it again, if Art can’t find you a home, no body can.”

-Robert V., Buyer November 10, 2015