Bought a Condo home in 2017 in Core-Columbia, San Diego, CA.

It is truly a privilege and honor to recommend Mr. Ryan Degheri of the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services of California Properties of the Neuman & Neuman Team, as my San Diego real estate agent. Now that I have gotten to know and work with Ryan, I also consider him my friend as well. Couple of months ago, while living and working in the S.F. Bay Area, I came across a situation which required me to purchase a place in San Diego for work purposes. I needed this to occur right away and did not have too much time to continually fly back to San Diego, weekend after weekend in order to learn the city, and to get to view only a few places at a time. At around 9 PM on a Saturday night, I saw a condo on and inquired about it by sending an email. Within minutes, I got a call from Ryan providing me with the details about the condo. I learned that the condo had many issues and was not in a good part of town. It was obvious that Ryan wasn’t just about a sale but he wanted to make sure I didn’t get a raw deal and in fact he wanted me to get exactly what I was looking for at the price I was willing to pay. He asked what it was I was looking for. I told him but I also told him that I didn’t think there were any nice condos within my budget, being that I had looked at every website and real estate site that I could think of to view what was available in San Diego. Obviously I was wrong and it takes a person like Ryan with his superior experience and knowledge of real estate to know that there is always the right place for the right person in every city, all you need to do is to know where to look or find the right agent whom has your back. Ryan told me not to worry. He stated that he would have a list with all the available condos within my budget for me in the morning. The next morning, as promised, Ryan called me and said that he had emailed with many choices that were all within my budget. After reviewing them I told him I was interested in flying down for one weekend to see them. I couldn’t believe the fact that there were actually 23 condos that I was very interested in viewing and all that I could afford. I told Ryan that I would like to view as many as possible. I purchased my ticket and flew down to San Diego 3-days later. Ryan picked me up from the airport and told me that he had gotten in touch with all the other real estate agents / owners / and tenants for us to view ALL 23 of them within the 2 days. I could not believe that it would be possible or even logistically probable to view them all, but once again I was wrong. Ryan had our scheduled synced with all the other parties and I was able to see ALL 23 within the 2 day period. It was not a rush job. In fact we had plenty of time to even visit some of them twice. This of course was possible because I knew exactly what I was looking for and had told Ryan what it was I wanted. However this would not have occurred so smoothly had it not been for Ryan’s pre-planning technics to make this event go as smoothly as it did. Ryan had predicted the amount of time I would need to view each, and he was right. There were some that I stayed longer in but there were some that it took less time. So all in all it worked out and saw ALL 23 of them, and as I stated some even twice as I was deciding between the 23. I told Ryan that I have never worked with a real estate agent that was so proficient, so professional, and so reliable in my life and that I wish all agents could learn from Ryan on how to take excellent care of their clients. I was given the first-class treatment, all because of Ryan’s dedication to satisfy his client. At the start of each day, Ryan would hand me a set of brochures that he had prepared the day before about each and every high rise that we were to visit that day. Within it were the units that we were planning to view, all the details about each and colorful photos of each so that I would remember which ones I saw and which ones I liked. The broachers where all in color and high quality paper. I honestly felt like king for a day. In speaking to other, I have learned that Ryan treats all of his clients this way. No wonder why he is so successful in finding the right home for the right person or family. Needless to say I did find the right condo and purchased. In fact the escrow just closed yesterday. I HIGHLY recommend Ryan to anyone wanting to buy just the right place for themselves or their family. You will call yourself “lucky” when you do reach out to him. There are only few people that I know that are so caring, so knowledgeable about real estate and its trends, so patient, so honest and so much in love with what they do. Ryan is one of those and anyone lucky enough to have him on his/her side will know the meaning of being treated like royalty. Thank you Ryan.

KamAdib March 9, 2017