Bought a Condo home in 2017 in Cortez Hill, San Diego, CA.

We met Marsha through an inquiry into a property in Little Italy which we were interested in seeing. We were only interested in a downtown condo, and with very specific requirements; Marsha immediately took our requirements seriously, and clearly knew the downtown condo market. We were preapproved for a loan early in our search, so we were also able to let Marsha know up front what our upper limit was.
From there, Marsha took care of everything, and the process was as smooth as could be. She was very attentive, energetic, and never lost sight of what we wanted, what our minimum requirements were, and what our limit was on price. Having been through it before, we found it refreshing to not have to fight anyone’s tendencies to go outside of the boundaries we set early on.
Marsha arranged for multiple showings for units that we were interested in, along with some that she thought we would like based her getting to know us. We very quickly narrowed our search down to a great unit on Cortez Hill. Once we decided to make an offer on the property, Marsha was superb in anticipating issues with the seller’s agent, which probably saved us weeks in the process. She stayed on top of things all the way through closing, and beyond. At no time did I ever get the sense that she was just in it to make a sale.
If you are looking for an agent that will take your concerns and requirements seriously, that will guide you through the process, that will really work and advocate for you, and truly knows the downtown condo scene, reach out to Marsha—you will be glad you did.

chetti98 December 12, 2017